Making the world a happier place,
one person at a time.

Who we are

The Laughing Otter is a global community synonymous with improving mental health and giving children a fair start in life.

What we do

Social Impact

Every action at The Laughing Otter has the lives of children and improving mental health in mind.

Through partnering with respected organisations and The Laughing Otter activities we are making a difference to the lives of millions around the world.

Web 3.0

The Laughing Otter is leveraging the emotional excitement and technological advancements happening in Web 3.0 to accelerate the goals of making a social impact globally.

2023 will see the release of an NFT for good marketplace, series of The Laughing Otter and co-branded NFTs, and a unique Metaverse with real world positive social impact built in.


The Laughing Otter is a community that believes that we can collectively make a difference. Events both online and in real life, positive discussions, social media interaction along with making a meaningful social impact are just some of the reasons that The Laughing Otter community unites.

Latest News

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