10+ People Share Their Favorite Creepy Facts About Human Nature

Humans are unique creatures. We have upright posture, we lack the thick body hair of most of the mammalian kingdom, and we wear clothing over our (relatively) hairless bodies. While most animals reproduce until they die, we stop about midway through (usually) and enjoy an empty nest if we’re lucky. Humans are able to make fire and chit-chat incessantly. While other creatures definitely communicate, they’re not talking their friends’ ears off until they have violent thoughts. We think. 

While there are plenty of cool and uniquely human traits, there are some sides of human nature that are a bit less palatable. A bit creepy, if you will. Redditor u/rui_xox33 recently asked the r/AskReddit community to share what they believe to be creepy facts about homo sapiens – and they are very interesting if not bone-chilling. We’ve put together some of their responses, but there are loads more to be found on the thread itself. Keep on creepin’ on.