15+ Amusing Text Edit Memes That Use the Power of the Blackout

It is very easy to be taken out of context. We only have to look to the mainstream media to see how the smallest of actions and words can be spun into something totally divorced from their original meaning. It’s also possible to do this on a much smaller level; memes are great proof of this. A high proportion of them are all about messing with what their source material originally set out to do.

As we know, this can have some hilarious results. It doesn’t always have to be too complicated or convoluted, either. Some memes only require the merest hint of Photoshop to create some a high level of humor. 

This is the logic behind blackout memes, that use the age-old technique of leaving out words to make all kinds of stupid jokes. It’s pretty cool how something so simple manages to be so powerful at the same time.