15+ Cringey Moments That Prove Cringe is Eternal

Nothing in this life is truly immortal. We all die eventually, and any legacy we leave inevitably fades over the passage of time. Even the most famous among us get resigned to history after a long enough period of time, but it’s a difficult thing for many of us to conceptualize. When we’re out here living, everything seems important in the moment.

This is especially true when it happens to be bad. Most of us can acutely remember some of the most cringeworthy things we have ever done more so than some of our happiest memories. It doesn’t help that more and more often, there is an online record of these kinds of things, too. It’s getting a lot harder to be embarrassed in private, and plenty of people offer themselves up for the opportunity as well. Our embarrassment may only last a moment, but the legacy of a purebred piece of cringe lasts forever.