15+ of the Most Genuine Reactions from Fans the Moment Argentina Won the World Cup

If you’re not into sports at all, seeing how these fans reacted once they saw their team win will make you want to be into sports—more specifically, FIFA. This is soccer, or as the rest of the world knows it as, football. The World Cup just came to an end and Argentina took the win. It was an epic moment in FIFA history and obviously momentous for Argentina. However, that description does not even come close to describing how true fans of Argentina’s team are feeling right now. Many fans have been rooting for this team since they were born and probably most their family has for generations as well. This time around, fans caught the moment of triumph, but pointed the camera towards themselves. What we now find are videos of beautiful and genuine reactions of fans seeing their beloved team finally win. We must warn you, they’re very emotional! You’ll be in tears whether you’re a fan or not.