15+ Times Clever Comebacks Brought the Heat on Twitter

As someone who works in a web-based field, spending time online can feel very tiring. The madness of terminally online people can be stressful, and while I’m careful about my blood pressure, some cyberbullies (even on this site) have the unfortunate ability to boil my blood and get my heart pounding. It all makes me wish there was a website where I could, like, do the Internet equivalent of meditating. Some sort of transcendental url hang that makes me forget about the incels and racists of the Internet. But that’s a pipe dream. 

A welcome alternative would be the power to make my Internet enemies quiver in fear at the power of my words. Unfortunately, like most individuals, my clever comebacks arrive a little too late, usually when I’m in the shower or commuting. Since I’m not able to muster the zingers myself, I’m left to enjoy the next best thing – admiring the clever, creative barbs that other Internet users come up with. So in the spirit of sharing, here are some of the best Twitter comebacks I’ve seen of late. Maybe if I study the comebacks enough I’ll be able to learn the power of their creators.