20+ Best Classical Art Memes of the Week as a Tribute to our Ancestors (March 13, 2023)

If time travel were an option, and we could go back to the era our ancestors lived in when this classical art was created, we surely would not share what it has evolved to. We doubt our ancestors would take kindly to modern humor, and we imagine they’d think it a disgrace that we mixed it with their own classical art. But hey, memes are distributing serotonin across the world, and humor is the best medicine.

There are meme lords scattered across the internet, but most of them are anonymous. We find it’s better that way, as anonymity can keep you somewhat safe from trolls… in a sense, memes are actually trolls. Eh, getting a bit lost here. Scroll down for the best batch of funnies that your parents will never understand. Whether you’re an art student or a general meme lover, there is something here for everyone.

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