20+ Best Office Memes to Tune Out Reality With a Laugh

We’re all basically just floating through life, figuring things out as we go. Character development comes to bite us in the butt sometimes, and to be fair, we need it, much like Michael Scott, who we learned to love unconditionally, despite his questionable behavior. Now, if you were to tell me that you hate the dude, I’d prepare to press caps lock.

The Office was also probably one of the few shows that don’t have a terrible, unbelievable ending. It was a delicious mix of workplace drama, stupid yet clever quotes, and stupendous acting. Jim and Pam are totally goals, and Dwight was the exception to the rule — in other words, he finally figured out his one true love was sitting in front of his nose the entire time. That doesn’t usually happen in real life, but again, he was the exception, not the rule.

Scroll down for an iconic bath of ‘The Office’ memes to boost your serotonin and tune out reality with a good chuckle. For more, check out these hilarious classical art memes.