20+ Generation X Memes For The Whatever Generation

If there’s anything that Generation X is known for, it’s for being the best generation of angsty teenagers. Sure, Baby Boomers had their hippie streak, but everything they’ve done since has been so chronically uncool it’s basically ruined their generational reputation. Millennials are, for the most part, kind of try-hards. They were not particularly known for being rebellious youths on all but one front: teen pregnancy. Nobody did pregnancy pacts like Millennials, and as a member of Gen Z, I respect it. 

Speaking of Gen Z, it’s sort of difficult to characterize our angsty teen legacy because a lot of Gen Z are still teenagers. Most people see us all as brain-dead TikTok consumers, which I can’t even deny. I will say, though, that I have been influenced by the angst and edge of Gen X since I was a teenager. South Park, Daria, Romy, And Michele’s High School Reunion: these were foundation pieces of art for my teenage self, and I have Gen X to thank for them.