20+ Memes: Introverted Social Expressions in the Form of Human Funnies

Technology has beautifully led to much more secluded lives, and as introverts, we couldn’t be happier about the fact. Now we can watch our phones light up with someone’s caller ID, peacefully staring at the screen, completely aware of the fact that we’re going to ignore it and never call them back. Thank goodness nobody knocks on each other’s doors anymore (Not that we’d be answering, but still, ignoring a call is less awkward). 

It’s not that we hate people (although to be fair, a lot of us do so we get the stigma) — rather, that we need a lot of time to ourselves. Preferably on the couch, snacking on some yummy chips, or ordering a burger. The only social interaction we need is our cats — and the occasional social gathering (once every couple of months, when we get a random rush of energy that propels us to leave our homes). 

To all the extroverts out there — don’t worry, we have memes to keep us company! Scroll down for some of the best we’ve compiled this week. Plus, while we’re on the topic of furry felines (mentioned above), take a look at these hilarious cat memes. They’re pretty hiss-terical. See what we did there? Okay, that’s enough internet for today.