20+ Red Flag Therapy Memes of the Week (March 15, 2023)

Today we’re handing out red flags. So, you get a red flag, and you get a red flag, everybody gets a red flag! To be fair, we’re not even exaggerating. You’ll hardly meet someone who fits the social definition of ‘normal’ nowadays. Everyone is carrying some sort of baggage, and that doesn’t automatically mean they need to be canceled. They certainly need help, though (us included).

In fact, we can safely recommend therapy because it has worked wonders for us. Is it expensive? Heck, yeah. Is it worth it? Another heck, yeah. If you’re debating whether or not it’s a viable option, let these funny therapy memes convince you. After all, serotonin is pretty much the best free medicine there is out there, that is, if your body can properly produce it. These memes will give it a good head start, so enjoy!

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