20+ Unusual and Confusing Perspectives From the Funny Lens of a Camera

In todays modern age, we don’t need to wait a week for photos we’ve taken with our camera anymore (only to find out 80% are relatively blurry and useless). You can download them anytime, anywhere. Technology has really advanced, and with it, unbridled photoshop. But fear not, because if you’re here for authentic content, you’re at the right place. AI has not taken over quite yet! The pics below made us do a double-take because the perspective is truly… confusing. Made us think for a sec.

After the initial TF moment, you might feel kinda stupid. As in, oh that was supposed to be quite obvious… They say one picture is worth a thousand words, but we argue and say at least two thousand. In the meantime, scroll down for the most unusual perspectives we’ve fished out from Reddit today. For more, you’re welcome to take a look at these hilarious ‘Office’ memes. Boy, do we all miss Michael Scott… we wonder what’s up with Janice.