Who do you think should pay for Positive News?

Sep 19, 2023 | News

How should we fund our journalism? Put up a paywall? Bag a billionaire? Instead, we’d love for you to step up and support our quiet media revolution

Three million. That’s how many people our journalism reaches in a year.

As an independent media organisation, it’s a number we’re proud of – and one of the highlights of our Annual Review 2022-23. And when some of those people get in touch and use words such as “lifeline” to describe how Positive News benefits them; it makes all we do worthwhile. 

But most of the three million people reading our articles are doing so for free. We’re OK with that because we’re here to inspire as many people as possible, but the question is:

Who should pay for our uplifting journalism?

1. A billionaire?
Were we to find one, a wealthy media mogul might cover Positive News’ costs like they do for many of the world’s biggest media, but would we want to be a mouthpiece for their political preferences?

2. Advertisers?
We offer promotions to companies that share our values, which helps pay some bills. But to get all our funding from brands would mean our website would need to be awash with ads from all sorts, and we know you don’t want that.

3. The government?
A slippery slope for freedom of the press.

4. Magazine buyers?
We’re grateful to the thousands who subscribe to Positive News magazine (thank you), but magazines alone don’t offer a financially sustainable future: the number of print titles bought in the UK has declined by 70 per cent since 2010.

5. Digital subscribers?
We could put up a paywall on our site, but we know you want Positive News stories to be available to everyone, without financial circumstances being a barrier.


6. You?
We’re building a community of readers just like you, who generously make a financial contribution each month to fund our journalism. This is how we want to sustain Positive News – with you – because everything we do is for you, our community.

Last year our stories reached a whopping three million readers, marking a 20 per cent increase from the previous year.

So, if our inspiring articles make a difference in your life, please consider becoming a Positive News supporter today. Help us to grow the reach and impact of our journalism further, at a time when solutions are so necessary. 

You’re the solution that we need. 

With many thanks from all of us at Positive News,

Sean Wood

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