What went right this week: the good news you should know about

Oct 20, 2023 | News

Meanwhile in southern England…

A ‘super’ nature reserve has been created in Somerset to boost wildlife in a region renowned for its biodiversity. 

Covering 1,413 hectares – an area equivalent to around 2,600 football pitches – the reserve is home to wildflower meadows, woodlands, wild horses, and beauty spots such as Cheddar Gorge (pictured) and the Mendip Hills. It brings together 31 existing nature reserves (only two of which had national protected status), plus 400 hectares of new land.

The site will be managed primarily for conservation, and developers will be obliged to have “due regard” for the protected landscape. With England’s national parks criticised for doing , a note of caution is required.

Nevertheless, conservationists have welcomed the news. Dr Dan Hoare of the charity Butterfly Conservation said: “Increasing the protection for our most precious sites, and ensuring we work together to make them bigger, better and more joined up, is crucial to recover species and restore the habitats they depend on.”

Image: Paul Underwood

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