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Oct 27, 2023 | News

The drugs don’t seem to work? Research suggests that a bittersweet Symphony might be a better alternative.

While a blast of death metal, or a rousing ballad may give some people headaches, researchers have found that it can do the opposite for others.

Scientists from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, believe that emotional and physiological responses are also important.

The showed that the pain-busting effects of participants’ favorite tracks were at least as powerful as over-the counter drugs like ibuprofen and worked better than relaxing songs selected for them.

Researchers believe that the blocking of pain signals may be enhanced by personal favorites that give listeners ‘chills,’ such as goosebumps or tingling. Favorites that were moving and bittersweet were most effective.

The study’s authors concluded that music could be a non-pharmacological treatment for people undergoing surgery or recovering from surgery, as well as those with chronic pain conditions.

Image: Jonas Mohamadi

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