What went right in the last week: The good news you need to know

Nov 10, 2023 | News

British attitudes towards immigration are softening.

Brexit was viewed as a vote against immigration in the UK. A social attitudes survey paints an entirely different picture.

Since 2001, the European Social Survey has conducted face-to-face interviews of around 1,150 people to sample British attitudes. Its latest survey suggests that views about immigration have taken a “about-turn”, and are now more positive since Brexit.

For the first time (59%), a majority of people thought that immigration was very beneficial for the UK’s economy, enhanced the cultural life of the country (58%), and improved the quality of life in the country (56%). In 2002, these figures were respectively 17%, 33%, and 20%.

In May, the Office for National Statistics published record immigration figures for Britain. Since then, Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary has tried to make this an election issue. National Centre for Social Research (which conducted the survey) believes that this could be a misguided approach.

“People are now more positive about immigration in Britain and see it as a positive thing on the whole,” the report said.

Image: Christian Battaglia

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