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Feb 2, 2024 | News

Dig (sustainably) for economic victory: report

It’s not just good for the environment that adopting sustainable food systems makes sense. It’s also good for your wallet.

According to a study conducted by the Food System Economics Commission in Norway (FSEC), this is true. The study suggests that a shift to sustainable agriculture could result in up to $10tn in annual economic benefits.

The commission stated that the hidden costs of medical and environmental care are more than offset by the value created by existing food systems. According to the current trajectory, food insecurity will leave 640 million people underweight by 2050. Global obesity will increase by 70%. Agriculture will continue driving a third of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

The report suggested that adopting sustainable farming could transform food systems into carbon sinks while also reducing hunger and creating more jobs.

Hermann Lotze Campen, FSEC Commissioner, says that food systems are a powerful way to address global climate, health and nature emergencies at the same. They also offer a better quality of life for hundreds of millions of individuals.

The switch to sustainable farming would increase the cost of food, so financial assistance will be required to help the most vulnerable in society.

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