K9 Tracks Scent for Over 2 Miles to Find Missing Child in Freezing Cold

Feb 6, 2024 | News

February 6, 2024

Today’s good story comes to us from Auburn, Massachusetts.

The Auburn Police Department announced that a 12-year-old missing child was successfully rescued thanks to the efforts of K9 Biza, his handler Officer Ljunggren, and their K9 Biza.

Credit: Auburn MA Police Department

The authorities were alerted on January 31 that the child had left home around 8:30 pm. The freezing temperatures added urgency to the search.

Many Auburn Police Officers, as well as Massachusetts State Troopers, mobilized in Pakachoag Hill to find the missing child. Detectives from the Auburn Police Department Detective Bureau were also involved in the search.

It was the partnership between K9 Biza and Officer Ljunggren that turned the tide.

K9 Biza tracked for a distance of over two miles and led Officers to an area where evidence showed that the child had been present a short time earlier,” APD said in their news report, K9 Biza tracked over two miles, and led officers to an area that had evidence of the child’s presence a short while earlier,” APD stated in a statement.

Additional officers arrived in the area and located the child shortly after.

APD was elated at the outcome and expressed their gratitude for K9 Biza’s unwavering commitment and the collaborative efforts made by all parties involved.

“We are proud of K9 Biza’s hard work and are happy to announce a positive result!” A spokesperson for the department stated that.

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