Customer Leaves $10,000 Tippe in Memory of Friend at Benton Harbor Cafe

Feb 12, 2024 | News

February 12, 2024

Today’s Good News Story comes from Benton Harbor in Michigan.

A customer at the Mason Jar Cafe, Benton Harbor, left a tip of $10,000 for a waitress in an incredible act of kindness and generosity.

The Mason Jar Cafe

The customer, who wished to remain anonymous had breakfast at the Mason Jar Cafe following a memorial service of a close friend. After receiving a $32 bill, he left a staggering $10,000 tip for waitress Linsey.

Boyd, still in shock over the unexpected windfall he received, recalled the heartwarming experience, saying “I just hugged him.” He told me he had made a memorial for someone he was very close to. He wanted to do something kind and generous in the name of her.

The man’s gesture went beyond the unusual tip. He specifically asked Boyd to share her unexpected fortune with all of her coworkers. This turned the act of kindness into an act that blessed the entire staff.

This unexpected windfall could not have come at a more opportune time for the servers at the Mason Jar Cafe.

“We’re making less money than in the summer but everyone goes through hard times and I know that it can be difficult sometimes but you never know who or what will bless you,” said Ava White. She was one of the servers to receive a tip.

Below is a video with the good News.

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