Florida Manatees Break Records

Feb 12, 2024 | News

February 12, 2024

Today’s good story comes to us from Blue Springs State Park in Florida.

Florida announced that it has made significant progress in protecting manatees and improving water quality, with over $50 million invested.

Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted, during a visit to Blue Spring State Park recently, the state’s commitment to preserving the iconic Florida Manatees.


Blue Spring State Park is a vital sanctuary for manatees that seek warm waters in the winter. In January, 932 manatees, breaking the previous New Year’s Day count of 736, were counted.

This highlights the positive impact on the state’s efforts to improve manatee habitats, and protect their well-being.

Since 2019, the state invested more than $50 million in manatee projects and more than $1.8 in improving water quality. These measures have shown promising results as evidenced by the lowest mortality rate for manatees since 2017, recorded in 2023.

“Florida’s Manatee Population continues to Strengthen because of our record investments into manatee protection programmes and water quality improvements,” stated Governor Ron DeSantis at a press conference held at Blue Springs State Park, Orange City. “I am grateful to FWC for their proactive efforts in rescue and rehabilitation.”

Below is a video with the good News.

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