Free Meals for Truckers: Queensland Pub inspires a wave of giving across Australia

Feb 26, 2024 | News

February 26, 2024

Today’s good News Story comes from Queensland, Australia.

A remote pub in North Queensland is at the center of a national wave of generosity. The Oasis Hotel has received a flood of calls from Australians who are willing to donate meals to truckers facing difficult times.

Oasis Exchange Hotel Torrens Creek

The pub shared the inspiring initiative on Facebook. “After a heartfelt discussion with a struggling driver, who managed a mere $200 to travel from Townsville to Perth, and back, we took action.” Grab a docket off our board and bring it to the bar for all drivers who are facing financial difficulties during a road trip. We will make sure you are hydrated and well fed. “When you find yourself in an improved situation, pay it back and extend the kindness to another.”

Oasis Exchange Hotel Torrens Creek

The response was extraordinary. Within 24 hours, calls poured in from all over the country.

The Oasis Hotel, a popular stop for truckers looking for respite, has a board with receipts of generous souls who have offered to pay for a meal in order to help a trucker in need.

Oasis Exchange Hotel Torrens Creek

This heartening initiative aims to express gratitude for truck drivers’ unwavering commitment, especially in the face of rising living costs and recent challenges with weather that have inundated main roads, extending and complicating their trips.

The pub has become an icon of community support, embodied the spirit of compassion as Australians come to together and lift up those who tirelessly navigate Australia’s highways.

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