The Love Story Comes Full Circle as Couple Discovers Serendipitous Connection

Mar 4, 2024 | News

March 4, 2024

The good news of today comes from Bountiful in Utah.

The love story of Kelsey Poll, Tyler West and their wedding took a surprising turn as they dug into the past. What began as a chance meeting at the bank where Kelsey was a teller, grew into a romance which led to a marriage proposal.

They had no idea that their love story dated back 22 years.

Credit: Inside Edition

While the couple was planning their wedding, they decided that they would take a trip back in time, flipping through old photo albums of family members and Kelsey’s baby book. In the midst of Kelsey’s early memories, they were surprised by an amazing discovery. A photograph captured an event that transcended time and chance. Tyler’s mother Mary Ann West was shown taking Kelsey’s footprints as a newborn.

Kelsey was shocked when she saw Mary Ann in the picture. “[Tyler] was like, ‘That’s my mom.’ It was Mary Ann.

Credit: Stacy Poll

The couple were further surprised when they found a birth certificate Kelsey West’s mother received shortly after her daughter’s birth. It was written in Mary Ann West’s distinctive style.

Both families believe that the couple is meant to be together, and this is yet another sign of that.

“There are things that are just too strange, too strong and too strong to be coincidences and that’s how I feel right now,” Stacy said.

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