What went right in the last week: The good news you need to know

Mar 15, 2024 | News

Talking about surviving cancer…

After taking part in the world’s first immunotherapy trial, a British man diagnosed with brain tumour was given just nine months to live. He is now “doing very well”.

Ben Trotman, age 41, was diagnosed in October 2022 with glioblastoma, the most aggressive brain cancer. In January 2023, he took part in a clinical study, receiving immunotherapy before the standard treatment of radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy. In the same month, he married Emily, his fiancee.

Trotman’s reaction to the treatment was strong, and he was hospitalized with a severe headache. Doctors believe this was a sign that the treatment was effective. His latest scan revealed no evidence of high-grade disease in his tumour.

“We don’t know the future, but these scan results and the immunotherapy treatment have given Emily and me a little hope,” said Trotman.

Dr Paul Mulholland, of University College London, conducted the trial and hopes to open up more trials.

Picture: Ben and Emily on the wedding day. Credit: University College London Hospitals

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