The most powerful changes you’ve made in your life

Mar 28, 2024 | News

Quitting social media

“I finally reached my limit after trying to coexist with social media. I blocked social media websites, especially YouTube. I turned off my iPad and bought a dumbphone. After about three days, I no longer had brain pangs or intrusive thoughts. Now I have time to read, explore the Fens of Cambridgeshire, and just enjoy life. And, of course, read Positive News.”

Embracing analogue living
Finding community

“Joining an organization that shares my concerns, my hopes and my dreams. I’ve done it throughout my life with different groups at different times, but my local permaculture is the group that I’m doing this with right now. Find others to help you when you feel powerless. This has helped me to make new friends, grow my skills, improve my mental health and let me know that I am not alone.”

Stopping drinking

“Quitting alcohol. My brain functions at a higher level. It’s something that I never thought I would be able to do. I am more helpful to myself and others as I have more clarity and energy. I’ve recalled old dreams and have less anxiety.” — Anna, Kent, UK

Guerrilla gardening

“I’ve begun eradicating [invasive] Himalayan Balsam from my riverbanks.” It’s satisfying to pull it up and equally satisfying when native plants take its place.” – Richard from Reading, UK

How to leave a toxic workplace

“Quitting my job that was making me miserable and ruining the sight in my eyes.” Anonymous

Being vulnerable

“Our culture teaches to be independent and focused on ourselves. The most empowering thing I’ve done is to reach out when I feel stuck and start thinking in this way. It has been life-changing for me to have made these amazing connections, and have experienced moments of beauty and vulnerable.” – George (Aotearoa)

Leaning towards the light
Just doing it

“My wife said once: ‘Anything worthwhile is worth doing simply. It changed my whole life. If it’s important, do it the simplest way possible. We spend far too much time trying ‘to do things right’ or doing them on a grand scale, when simply doing it is the best option.

Taking action

“I’ve been planting trees in my local community and writing to my MP about creating laws that would help climate change. I’m actively looking for ways to make my house more energy-efficient and reduce my carbon footprint. I sign petitions to let politicians know what I don’t like. Before, I would only talk to my friends. Now, I’m taking my concerns to people who can make a difference.” – Silvia Milton Keynes, UK

Enjoy the moment

“Whether I’m brushing my teeth, gardening, or taking a shower, I calm down the thoughts and feel the sensations. I feel the air and savour each moment.” – Roxanne, Montreal Canada

Find others to help you when you feel powerless


“Therapy, therapy, therapy. “Getting treatment for my mental health issues, and learning how to set boundaries, and discover what is best for me, has given me the ability to create a good life.” – Rey from Leeds, UK

Not pursuing perfection

Don’t let perfection get in the way. “The permission to do something ‘well enough,’ is liberating.” — Amanda, UK

Going green

“During lockdown and with holidays cancelled, I invested the money in solar panels and an electrical boiler. Since then, I have added a small electric vehicle, greened the paved area in front of my home, and invested in infrared heat. I’m passionate for sustainability and feel empowered to be able transform my home.” Eleanor, UK

Growing food

“I have taken control of what I consume – from digital content to food. I realized that I could cut ties with the powers-that-be and focus on my life by deleting social media and eating food I grew myself. Even if it’s just one small tomato.” – Isabella Hawaii, US

Embracing compassion

“Transforming my anger into compassion has given me a calmer, kinder outlook.” Compassion will not change your circumstances, but it can change you.” – Courtney, Rhode Island.


“Meditation is a great help to me and makes me realize how lucky I am that I’m alive.” Glyn, UK

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