The online marketplace is saving ‘wonky beauty products’ from landfill

Apr 2, 2024 | News

Cosmetic seconds are available at discounted prices on a new online marketplace that is tackling this issue.

Boop aims to do for beauty products what the ‘wonky fruit and veg’ ethos did for food waste by repurposing 90m beauty items thrown out each year in the UK.

This is the equivalent of 650 doubledecker busses, 4,500 tonnes of moisturiser and 1,000 tonnes of mascara. Four Olympic-sized swimming pools full of perfume. A tenth is generated in the supply chain of brands, and 6.2% are discarded beauty products due to overproduction.

Yasmine Amr, founder of Boop, confirmed that a large number of beauty products are destroyed by manufacturers and retailers each year without ever reaching the market.

“Consumers are more aware of sustainability, and they don’t care if the packaging is old or if the product looks imperfect.”

Amr’s legal background led her to work as a legal counsel for L’Oreal. She has seen first-hand the waste that is caused by red tape and business procedures.

Consumers don’t care if the packaging is old or if the product doesn’t have a perfect finish.

Throughout my career, I have had people ask me what to do with products that were defective in printing, slow-moving items they didn’t wish to store, and obsolete items. Amr said that these products were fine to use.

France has already banned cosmetics that have not been sold, and similar legislation for the EU and UK is being discussed. Boop’s research shows that 95% of consumers would be happy to buy a stock that is deemed surplus due to damage, mislabeling or changes in branding.

Its online collection features mid- to high-end products with discounts of up to 70%.

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