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Apr 5, 2024 | News

Logging falls in key rainforest areas

According to an analysis by the World Resources Institute (WRI), in partnership with University of Maryland in the US, deforestation has dropped in Brazil and Colombia following changes in leadership.

Data shows that the Brazilian Amazon saw a 39% reduction in tree loss when President Luiz-Inacio Lula da S Silva took over last year. In Colombia, the logging industry has dropped by almost half since Premier Gustavo Petro took office.

WRI said, however, that the larger picture was “two steps forward, two back”, with gains being wiped out in places like Bolivia, Laos, and Nicaragua by fires and felling. Losses in 2023 will total 37,000 sq km (14 200 sq miles), which is equivalent to 10 football fields every minute.

“Steep declines” in the Brazilian Amazon, and Colombia, show that progress is achievable, but increased forest loss in other regions has largely countered that progress, said Mikaela Wiese, WRI’s director of global forest watch. “We must learn lessons from countries that have successfully slowed deforestation.”

Image: Diego Guzman

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