Russ Cook Runs 385 Marathons In 352 Days, Becomes First Man To Run Entire Length Of Africa

Apr 8, 2024 | News

April 8, 2024

Russ Cook (27), a Worthing resident from West Sussex, has made history by becoming the first person to run the length of Africa.

His incredible journey covered 16 countries and a distance equivalent of 385 marathons. It concluded after 352 day of unwavering perseverance and determination.

Russ set off on a massive quest to traverse Africa’s vast and diverse terrain on April 22, 2023.

He faced every obstacle with an indomitable spirit, from the bustling cities, to the dense rainforests, the towering mountains and the unforgiving Sahara Desert.

Russ’s trip was not without its challenges and dangers. Along the way he experienced harrowing incidents including an armed robbery where he and his team were stripped at gunpoint of their belongings.

In a second, equally terrifying ordeal, he had been kidnapped in Congo by a gang armed with machetes and taken deep into the jungle, before being rescued.

Russ admitted, “I’ll admit it. During an interview with Good Morning Britain, Russ said: “It was the scariest two days of my life.”

Russ was unflinching in his mission despite the adversities he faced. Russ pushed on despite health issues such as bloody urine and debilitating pain in his back. He ran more than a half-marathon each day.

Russ was only forced to pause due to logistical issues, such as visa requirements, or medical professionals who intervened. His commitment to his cause did not waver.


There were times of exhaustion and despair. He couldn’t eat for more than 24 hours, and he endured sleepless night.

As Russ neared the end of his epic journey, he received a wave support from all over the world. He was joined by well-wishers on the final leg of the odyssey. On April 7, 2024 he crossed the finish in Tunisia, marking the triumphant end of an extraordinary journey.

Russ’s incredible achievement has been a beacon for hope to many. In his incredible feat, Russ has raised more than PS700,000 to benefit charity, embodying altruism.

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