The joyous pre-loved fashion explosion. Positive News’ new issue has more to offer.

Apr 10, 2024 | News

When putting together this issue, I kept thinking of the often-repeated maxim that the environmental movement uses.

The UK’s leading lights in pre-loved fashion are dressed beautifully and seem to be having a great time. In the cover story of this issue, we see that secondhand clothes are not austere and self-righteous for them. They’re simply more interesting and more affordable. It’s also a good choice for the environment to wear used clothes instead of brand new.

As my vintage dresses on my clothes rack, which are of a quality that today’s fast-fashion can’t match, demonstrate, I am a longtime lover of the secondhand treasure search. Fashion has always been a force for change. It’s exciting to imagine what other positive changes it could bring as used clothing becomes more mainstream.

Isabella Tree is a pioneer of the rewilding movement. She believes that joy is found in a “wilderness” where people are not important. For breakdancer Karam Singh, meanwhile, the joy and fun of his sport has endured ever since he was young.

This issue reveals another way to embrace ageing rather than fight it with botox or ‘beauty products’. Frank Cottrell Boyce, the writer of the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, tells us that the joy of discovering new things is like magic.

The UK’s leading lights in pre-loved fashion seem to be having a ball. They are beautifully dressed and full of joy.

All good things have to start somewhere. Like the bra that a cancer-survivor designed for herself and for other women who had mastectomies. Or like Adejoke Bakare’s career, which began on a fish and chips stall. She was the first black woman chef in the UK to receive a Michelin Star.

Adapting to the changing times is essential to throwing a better party. Nightlife is a sector that has been particularly hard hit in recent years, but venues in the UK have re-calibrated their business model post-Covid and are seeing signs of hope. “It’s really not about hedonism. It’s about feeling like a human again,” said the founder of a UK venue.

I’d love to attend that party.

Will Sanders, Cover Photo

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