Brighton Festival is a community-focused festival.

Apr 24, 2024 | News

“Community is inherent in the creation of the festival,” says Andrew Comben. “If you want the place to be celebrated, you have to work with the communities who inhabit it.” “The essence of art is to build relationships with people.”

Frank Cottrell Boyce, acclaimed children’s writer, screenwriter, and writer of 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony, is this year’s guest. The festival’s community-focused philosophy is also at the heart of his desire to infuse the event with magic, hope, and fun. Comben laughs, “Frank is optimism in a stick.” “He is a wonderful communicator and a fantastic, generous thinker. “We felt that it was so important to have a hopeful frame around the Festival this year.”

Brighton Festival has a mission to embed and integrate the local talent and community into the festival’s programme. While many festivals rely on big names that come and go. “We are excited to have international artists in the city, and to be able to learn from this cross-cultural exchange,” Comben says. “But we also champion local work, often made by community members.”

Building relationships with people is the essence of art.

This year’s Brighton Festival is a celebration of the community in five different ways.

Brighton Festival is from 4 to 26 May. Visit to learn more.

Main image: Jamie MacMillan

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