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Apr 26, 2024 | News

Scientists reveal how to’slow down’ time

Do you feel that the days are flying by? You’re not alone in wondering where the time goes. What if you were able to slow down time?

A growing body of research suggests you can – at least slow down your perception of the passage of time – by experiencing new and interesting things.

Scientists at the George Mason University, in Virginia, US, have added to this evidence. In a study they found that visual stimuli that we remember slows down our perception of the passage of time, a phenomenon called time dilation.

For the study 100 participants were shown images of large, open spaces and small, cluttered scenes. Researchers found that participants were more likely than not to believe they had spent less time looking at small, cluttered images.

Prof Martin Wiener said that time dilation may be caused by our brains trying gather information about scenes that we find memorable.

“What it suggests, is that if you want to make time feel longer, you need to find things that are more memorable,” he told The Guardian.

Image: Jose Galarza

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