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May 3, 2024 | News

The winners of the ‘Green Nobel Prize” have been announced

This week, eco warriors who won David and Goliath fights against oil giants and coal companies as well as beef producers received a prestigious award.

The Goldman Environmental Prize, also known as the “Green Nobel prize”, was established in 1989 to honor activists who have made a difference for the planet. Previous winners have gone on to become government officials, head of state and leaders in NGO’s.

The recipients of this year’s award are Mbuthuma (pictured) and Sinegugu Zukulu, who helped stop destructive seismic testing for gas and oil off South Africa’s Eastern Cape. ( , as reported in the previous ‘what went well’ ).

Other winners included: Alok Shukla who saved 445,000 acres in Indian forests from coal mining, Murrawah Maoochy Johnson who stopped a destructive coalmine in Queensland, Australia, Teresa Vicente who helped save Europe’s largest salwater lagoon, Andrea Vidaurre who pushed California in the US to reduce transport emission, and Marcel Gomes whose investigative reporting stopped beef linked to deforestation being sold in Europe.

John Goldman, President of the Goldman Environmental Foundation, said, “These wonderful grassroots leader refused to be complacent or be cowed in the face adversity. “Together they are a powerful collective force and a growing movement that is full of hope,” said John Goldman, president of the Goldman Environmental Foundation.

Image: Goldman environmental prize

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