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May 17, 2024 | News

Cancer prevention treatments are now a reality

What if we could stop cancer in its tracks? After research showed that cancer-associated proteins can appear in blood of people more than seven years prior to diagnosis, researchers are hopeful.

Researchers at the University of Oxford in England identified 618 proteins that were linked to 19 types of cancer. 107 of these proteins were found in blood samples taken at least seven years prior to a person’s diagnosis.

The findings suggest that proteins may be involved in the earliest stages cancer. “This research brings closer to being able prevent cancer with targeted drug – once believed impossible but now more attainable,” Dr Karl Smith-Byrne said, senior molecular epidemiologist at Oxford Population Health.

His research team will now attempt to learn more about these proteins, their roles in cancer development, and how to detect them. They will also try to find out which drugs can stop the cancer-causing proteins.

Although genetics may play a part in the development and progression of cancer, lifestyle is a major factor. Quitting smoking, reducing your alcohol intake, and increasing your exercise can all help reduce cancer risk.

Image : National Cancer Institute/Unsplash

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