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May 24, 2024 | News

A plan was devised to save a beloved waterway

Activists hoping to reverse the decline in a British waterway have released their own four-step plan as a response to the widely criticised Action Plan that was announced by the UK Government last month.

The River Wye has been devastated by run-off of nutrients linked to intensive poultry farming. It flows 155 miles through England to the Severn Estuary.

The UK Government announced last month that it would fund on farm poultry manure combusters in the amount of 35 million pounds sterling, pilot anaerobic digesters and provide more grants to slurry storage facilities to process mountains of waste to help restore the river’s health.

However grassroots groups say that the ideas lack ambition and scope, and this week they unveiled their own Wye Manifesto at the annual Hay Festival.

They want a “water protection zone” to protect the Wye River from farm wastes and sewage. They also want a recovery fund for nature-positive agriculture and better enforcement so that polluters are held accountable. Plan also includes fair supermarket pricing that rewards river-friendly farms.

David Gillam from Save The Wye campaign group said: “We are aware of what needs to be achieved and our manifesto is the people’s plan to save the Wye. It was created in response to the evidence we have gathered over the past few years.”

Image: Manifesto For The Wye

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