Heard the good word? The Positive News Podcast is now available.

Jun 7, 2024 | News

Positive News readers often ask for a podcast. This week, we’re delighted to announce that a podcast has been launched.

The Positive News Podcast has launched a six-part series entitled Developing Mental Wealth. The series explores the ways in which communities around the world are tackling mental health issues, even when the circumstances are difficult.

The podcast, hosted by journalist Seyi Rhodes and medical doctor Radha modgil, travels from Guatemala to Nigeria to Zimbabwe to meet people on the ground who have practical solutions for improving people’s well-being. The series uncovers powerful projects that are low cost, community-based, and tailored to local culture.

“We need to do so much more as a society to make mental health a priority,” says Dr Radha Modgil, the host. “This series shows that big and impactful changes often begin with individuals who compassionately transformed their personal trauma and challenge. In these uncertain times, the solutions they’ve discovered are something to hold onto.

The first episode focuses on hairdressers from Ivory Coast who are training to be mental health ambassadors, and providing accessible support to clients in a place where mental illness is still taboo. Other episodes examine inspiring interventions, such as a movement in Peru to empower neurodivergent individuals, climate cafes in Africa that help Africans manage their eco-anxiety and a unique therapy that helps women in South Africa overcome gender-based violence.

Seyi Rhodes explains: “I have spent more than a decade travelling around the world and immersing in communities that are experiencing social upheavals as a result of conflict, climate changes and natural disasters. They all have a need to cope with grief, uncertainty, and rapid change. It’s fascinating to hear some of the solutions that people have come up, often in response challenges I’ve seen and reported over the years .”

This series shows that big changes often begin with individuals who have compassionately and compassionately transformed their personal trauma and challenge

The podcast is launched at a time where news avoidance has increased globally, as people are overwhelmed by bad news. The Reuters Institute conducted a study that showed 41% of UK residents actively avoid news.

Positive News CEO Sean Wood said, “The Positive News Podcast adds an exciting new dimension in our uplifting journalism. It helps us reach more people and spread the good news.” “Plus, we are really happy to deliver this for our community of supporters, who told us that they wanted a Podcast.”

Positive News partnered up with podcast production company Crowd Network in order to create this audio series. It builds on the Developing Mental Wealth series that was published earlier this year. Positive News received funding for the series from the European Journalism Centre through the Solutions Journalism Accelerator. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supports the fund.

Main Image: Radha modgil and Seyi Rhodes, photographed by Sam Bush.

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