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Jun 21, 2024 | News

Cornish made a return thanks to Covid

Pop songs and lockdowns have given the ancient Cornish language, Kernewek, a resurgence.

An Rosweyth , a network for Cornish language voluntary organizations, says that moving classes online during the pandemic has made them more accessible to an eager new generation of young students.

Artists such as Gwenno, a singer-songwriter (pictured), have added a cool touch to a language that was previously thought of as the domain of dusty academics.

Emma Jenkins, coordinator of An Rosweyth, told Positive News that “it’s always seen as a niche for older people who are retired and scholarly. It has no relation to everyday life.” “But when someone like Gwenno releases an album in Cornish, you see that you can enjoy Cornish. It’s mainstream.”

Language Magazine reported that 4,000 people in Cornwall were learning the language last year.

Jenkins said that Cornish speakers are a minority and it is gratifying to see that people are interested. “Cornish is a minority language, and I am delighted that people are interested .”

Image: Photographer Clare Marie Bailey captures singer-songwriter Gwenno

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