What would make you more likely than others to engage in politics?

Jun 21, 2024 | News

According to the British Social Attitudes survey, the UK public’s trust and confidence in the government has reached a new low. There is a general feeling of fatigue in the air due to the deteriorating public services, perceived broken promise and anger over Partygate.

What needs to be changed to re-engage the people and re-inspire a sense of trust?

While young people may appear politically disengaged, the British Election Study shows that they are more likely to have begun activism at a younger ages and to participate in political activities.

Should we lower the voting ages? Should we tighten the rules on lobbying and political activity? Were we to outlaw political point scoring? Is it cronyism or apathy that you find most irritating? How can we move beyond short-termism and get to the root of the problem?

You may be a fan of citizen’s assemblies – advisory panels made up of ordinary people. Or, should we go so far as to hold referendums on every law change?

Perhaps you have some ideas on how to encourage empathy and compassion in politics. Mandatory shadowing of those who would be most affected by a certain change or policy, for example. Or would you introduce mandatory counselling for anyone wishing to run for public office?

What can media do to help?

Use the form below to let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements or a system overhaul. We will not be able publish all responses, but we do read them.

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