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Jun 28, 2024 | News

Walking can help with back pain

A world-first study found that adults with a history low back pain were able to walk regularly for nearly twice as long before experiencing a recurrence.

The trial involved 701 adults who recently recovered from a low back pain episode. Participants were randomly assigned to either a walking programme with a physiotherapist, six education sessions or a control group without any intervention.

According to a study, people who walked for 130 minutes on average, three to five days a week for three to five weeks, were pain-free nearly twice as long as those who didn’t receive any treatment.

The research was conducted at Australia’s Macquarie University and published in the Lancet Journal.

Prof Mark Hancock, from the University of Edinburgh, said: “We do not know exactly why walking helps prevent back pain but it’s likely to be a combination of gentle oscillatory movement, strengthening and loading the spinal structures and muscle, relaxation and stress reduction, and the release ‘feel-good endorphins’.

Image: Brian Mann

Main image: Freder/iStock

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