The rising movement for better Bread Positive News’ new issue has more to offer.

Jul 3, 2024 | News

Recently, I learned a new term. Meliorism is the belief that human effort can improve the world.

Meliorism may seem naive in our culture where the media is focused on the worst aspects of human nature. By the time you read the new edition of Positive News magazine I hope you will agree that it has a purpose.

I would like to share with you a feature we did on the Ministry of Imagination. We meet five of hundreds who have come up with bold and beautiful ideas to help us thrive collectively; “policies” on everything from governance, economics and art to fulfilment. Thinktanks comprised of five-year olds? Check. Bankers must spend a certain amount of time on the breadline? Tick.

The blue-sky thinking that is prevalent in this issue may cheer up those who are frustrated by the narrow-mindedness of politics in the UK and US as elections near. Icelanders are trying to get a glacier onto the presidential ballot. The nurse who is determined that no one should die alone. The design duo challenges creatives to radically redesign all things.

We also go back to the basics. Bread, the most basic food. You’ve probably eaten some bread by the time you read these words. What if we saw our daily bread as an opportunity to vote for what kind of world we want? We meet people who want to make good bread available to everyone. We also discover how collaboration is the key that makes this movement grow.

Conroy Harris’ article, A Band of Brothers, is one of my favorites in this issue. He is the CEO of a mentoring organization for young men. It shows how compassion can be the key to unlocking the possibility of change, even when it seems impossible. I’ve read them over and over again and they bring tears to my eyes each time.

The people we meet are among hundreds who have come up with bold and beautiful ideas to collectively thrive

I’d love your examples of people who, by putting in an effort, have improved the world for many or few. Maybe for you. As US author and social advocate bell hooks wrote, “What we cannot imagine cannot become reality .”

Let’s share some more stories about people who do and think brilliant things. I hope you enjoy this issue.

Main image: Laurie Fletcher

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