21 Funny Wikihow Memes That Are Definitely VERY Helpful to Know (Sarcastically)

How did anybody ever function without the internet before? Like, we remember the days when there wasn’t internet, but how did we survive?? It’s difficult to think about losing the internet at this point, because that is where we get all of our information at the tip of our fingers. Oh, you need to learn how to do the Heimlich maneuver as fast as possible? Quick! Google it! That’s a life or d3ath situation right there. One main source for quick and basic “how to” tutorials is Wikihow. Similar to Wikipedia, it provides quick explanations on how to do certain things like the Heimlich or even how to ask for a raise, etc. It even has handy dandy illustrations showing you exactly how these procedures should look. 

Well, the internet gonna do what the internet gonna do—which is meme-ify this baby! So now, Wikihow has become a main source of meme material and it is epic. The illustrations for wholesome and helpful instructions have now be turned into sarcastic witty squares of humor and we love it. Check them out below—just remember, these are memes aka JOKES not real advice… Just saying. Enjoy!