21 Oscar-Worthy ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Memes Only Fans of the Multiverse Masterpiece Will Appreciate

Everything Everywhere All At Once recently won the Oscar for Best Picture at the Academy Awards and the fandom is freaking out! We’re not just talking about fans of the film, but also just film nerds in general are stoked on the win! The film is so deep and intricate and beautiful that if you haven’t seen the film yet, we still think none of these memes will spoil it for you. We highly recommend seeing the movie if you haven’t, but buckle up, kiddo—because the film is not only an emotional roller coaster, it’s over two-hours long… But it is well worth it! You should at least watch it so you can be part of the inside joke when it comes to EEAAO memes. Go ahead, scroll through the memes born from the film below, do you understand it? Actually, you should take a guess! I bet you’d come up with some pretty funny assumptions of the film if the only thing you know about it are the memes below… Either way, whatever multiverse you’re currently in, enjoy the memes below!