23 Incredibly Specific Funny Chicago Memes Only True Chicagoans Will Understand

With Chicago’s current mayoral election being the talk of the town right now, we thought we’d dive deep and dirty into the world of Chicago memes. Little did we know this midwest city has a plethora of very specific memes. You think you know the windy city? THINK AGAIN. Sure, sure, we all know the bean and that it’s windy and it’s on Lake Michigan. But do you know the pizza places and sub shops that make that town’s character? Do you know which streets to avoid to not have to sit in h3ll traffic for 20 hours of your life? How about which side of the doors will open up at each stop on the train? Do you even know The Bulls, huh?! Do ya?? DO YA?! Either you are a true blue midwesterner Chicagoan and this memes will give you a good chuckle and maybe you’ll even wanna share it with you fellow real Chicagoans or you won’t get these memes. Either way, enjoy below!