26 Memes For 26-Year-Olds

Everyone’s obsessed with being in their twenties, and I can’t blame them! These ten years are the adolescence of adulthood and are, therefore, chaotic and full of wild experiences. Even though I’ve only been in my twenties for a couple of years, I can understand why there are so many sitcoms about groups of people in their twenties. We are really obsessed with ourselves, making the existence of Girls and Friends and Girlfriends make a lot of sense. 

Personally, I’m not that afraid of aging. I’m excited to enter the era of my life that resembles a sitcom starring 30-year-olds. Take Frasier, for example. His life seems pretty cool! He has a rad apartment, a low-maintenance job, an ex-wife, a temporarily goth son who lives in Boston, and an abundance of artistic hobbies. He lives near his family, and he’s regionally famous! What more could one ask for in life? Unfortunately, I’ve got over a decade until I’m in the Frasier Crane era of my life. Hopefully, I won’t be as much of a menace as Frasier by the time I get there!