30 Epic Twitter Ratios Heard Round The World

What does it mean to be ratio’d? I have had to explain ratio-ing to several internet-illiterate people in my life, but it always feels difficult to capture in words. There’s something uniquely humiliating about a reply to your tweet or comment getting far more engagement than your original comment. One of the most intrinsic qualities of ratio-ing is that everyone points and laughs at the person getting ratio’d. It’s even more humiliating now that this phenomenon has a name that everyone knows is inherently embarrassing. 

Twitter is so cool because it’s one of the only social media platforms where nobody is immune from public humiliation. You could have zero followers or millions, but you have the potential for getting ratio’d just the same. Celebrities can try to turn off their replies, but they can still get eaten up in the quote tweets. Twitter is a ravenous beast that lets nobody escape alive, and for that, we can’t help but stan.