30+ Memes For The 30+ Crowd

I hate when people in their thirties claim that they’re old. They are clearly baiting people to tell them they aren’t old, and I refuse to engage in such self-aggrandizing bait. Obviously, if you’re 30-39, you’re in the prime of your life. Everybody knows this, and yet few are willing to acknowledge it.  Being a 23-year-old rube is not something you want to be for more than a year, and if you are normal, you should be celebrating the wonder and glory of your 30s. 

Granted, when you turn 30, you might notice you’re not as hip on every single trend as your siblings who are still in college. I don’t know who needs to tell you this, but that is okay. I promise that you don’t want to have the same taste in memes as a 20-year-old. If you are thirty, flirty, and thriving as the prophecy foretold, you will enjoy these hilarious memes