30 Random Memes to Observe Under the Full Moon

If you’re reading this at around the same time that it has been broadcast to the world, you’ll be doing so while there’s a full moon. Yep, it’s that most mystical time where once a month our pale friend in the sky shows us its whole face.

When it comes to myths and phenomena, this is undoubtedly the moon phase with the most stories. It’s the time of werewolves, heightened emotions, and general outbursts of dramatics. 

A perfect time, then, to calm ourselves down with a hearty helping of memes. Lord knows the funny images on our phones don’t shy away from stirring the pot, but so long as we’re consuming them, we’re keeping out of the drama. Instead, we can experience it vicariously in meme form. Here’s to laying low, and enjoying this lunar phase the best way we know: a random jumble of memes that have nothing to do with the subject.