32 Best Classical Art Memes Of The Week (January 16, 2023)

‘Tis a meme-volution! In the last decade, memes have become the forefront of modern comedy, distributing serotonin worldwide with just a few clicks. An internet sensation, it has evolved into a dynasty of sorts, a kingdom, AN EMPIRE. There are countless categories, but we believe that classical art memes are in the elite lead. Classical art and memes go together like peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, Bonnie and Clyde… they just work.

If you’ve ever taken a philosophy class in college, we bet you’ve come across the term ‘Stoicism’. We ourselves are more focused on the first five letters of the words, AKA ‘Stoic’ — because the expressions on the character’s faces in these memes are quite sullen, emotionless… stoic. When you add some cleverly written commentary, it can be pretty hilarious. Sure, our ancestors would most likely be appalled to see how we have ‘ruined’ their art, but in 2023, we think we’ve only added to it. Art has evolved y’all… So, whether you’re an art student or a general meme lover, you’re gonna enjoy these works of art (pun intended). 

You’re welcome to scroll down and check ’em out. You can also click here to check out some entitled dudes and dudettes who seem to assume that the world revolves around them.