40+ Random Memes To Help Get Your Random On

It doesn’t pay to be random these days. Over the past ten years of changes in online culture, we’ve gotten further and further away from our random meme origins. Memes gave way to randomness in ways nothing but iCarly could deliver. We were used to sitcoms and standup comedians who were anything but random. In the aughts, being an edgelord was where it was at. It was not until the cat memes and YouTube weirdness of the late 2000s that we fully accepted randomness into our lives. 

Today, we live in a world ruled by takes. Everybody has a hot take, and people are obsessed with having the right take on any issue. The internet would be so much more fun if we weren’t constantly taking sides on various squabbles. We need to get back our 2013 brains; No takes allowed, just random and silly memes that satisfy our simple minds.