42 Memes To Stimulate Your Mind

Good morning people of the world! It’s Saturday morning, and I am excited about having a lovely weekend hanging around my apartment. When I was younger, staying home constantly was my personal hell. I was literally addicted to being busy. When I was a freshman in college, I left my dorm at 8 A.M. every morning and wouldn’t get back to the room until at least 9:30 at night. What I was doing in between was anybody’s guess, but rest assured, I was extremely occupied. Now, I relish my days spent chilling inside my apartment. I would like to believe it’s because I’ve grown and changed a lot since I was 18, but I think I’m just stoked I no longer have to share a bedroom with a stranger. I might share an apartment with strangers, but that won’t stop me from rotting in my room like an adult.