50 Star Trek Memes For Trekkies With a Sense of Humor

I’ve never considered myself a Trekkie. Sure, I like Star Trek. In fact, I just powered through the entirety of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds while battling Covid-19. The show, which follows the adventures of Captain Christopher Pike (masterfully played by Anson Mount) is an action-packed fresh look at some of the universe’s most beloved characters. We’ve met Spock, Uhura, and now James Kirk, who ends up taking the reins of USS Enterprise after Pike. It may not be the best television show of all time, but as somehow who feels strongly about the message of Star Trek, it’s been nice to have something other than Star Trek: Discovery to provide me with that Star Trek fix. While I wait for a new season of Picard, and because I can only rewatch the series so many times, I’ve found some solace in the funny memes that Trekkies create about the series. These memes mostly deal with the older series, but there are a few gems that