A Bevy of Memes to Kickstart the Week

There may be a meme for every occasion, but much as we hate to admit it, it’s not always a good time to be looking at memes. Bored out of your mind on a long bus journey? The perfect opportunity. Getting a burning desire to start scrolling once you’ve gone to bed? I mean, it’s going to completely mess with your natural circadian rhythm, but that probably bit the dust years ago. Whipping out your phone for a dose of funny while you’re sat in the middle of a funeral? OK, that definitely makes you a bad person.

Although it can be a hard pill to swallow, memes are not the appropriate reaction to everything. When it comes to gearing up for another arbitrarily measured seven days, however, they are a great response. We all need something to keep us going through everything, and this list is an easy way to do that. It’ll make two minutes of the next 168 hours fly by.